From informative advertisements to poetry to art, The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s sponsored posters carry a message – they plainly express the MTA’s desire for passengers to be happy with their choice in transportation, as well ensure that the passengers are acting properly while in the subway. This is established from direct messaging in their ad […]

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Gary Snyder’s Poem “Here”

Gary Snyder’s “Here” was posted in MTA subways in 2016 with art from Ray King. Snyder’s poem is about witnessing a sunrise, a daily phenomenon occurring constantly around the world, yet is brushed over by so many during the everyday bustle of life. With a sunrise being the subject of the poem and the background […]

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Frank Viva’s “Rolling Gallery”

This final poster “Rolling Gallery” by Frank Viva was posted in MTA subways in 2014. This poster has many details that work to firmly establish a sense of community amongst the riders. The rounded features of the riders represents their friendliness and gentle nature, as opposed to sharp features which could show anger or aggression. […]

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Conclusion and Further Applications

The MTA’s methods of advertising are so multifaceted that when posters such as the ones analyzed are posted all throughout the subway system, the positive message is conveyed as strongly and effectively as propaganda, yet in a low–key subliminal manner. A mass transit subway system is an ideal place for such posters and messages, mainly […]

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